10 Cool YouTube Studio Gear & Accessories for Podcasting

10 Cool YouTube Studio Gear & Accessories for Podcasting

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YouTube and Podcasting accessories to level up your content!
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All Products and Gear Mentioned in this video
Samson Q9U ➡︎
Sennheiser HD280 Pro Headphones ➡︎
Shure SE215 Pro ➡︎
Zoom Podtrak P4 Recorder ➡︎
Rode WIreless Go II ➡︎
Telesin Charging Case ➡︎
Shure MV88 Mic ➡︎
Comica LinkFlex Dual ➡︎
Comica LinkFlex Single ➡︎
HDMI Capture Card ➡︎
Logtech Mevo: ➡︎
Logitech Mevo 3 Pack: ➡︎
ATEM Mini Pro ➡︎

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Title: 10 Cool YouTube Studio Gear & Accessories for Podcasting
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