How to Start a Podcast in 2022 - Podcasting for Beginners

How to Start a Podcast in 2022 - Podcasting for Beginners

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There’s never been a better time to start a podcast, but it can feel daunting wondering which equipment you’ll need and how to find listeners. So in this tutorial, I’ll walk you through all the essentials - like topics, recording, editing, publishing - and I’ll teach you how to start a podcast on Spotify and Apple and get your first 1,000 downloads.

I also included a few bonus tips to help you find more podcast listeners and monetize your podcast audience, even if you don’t have a huge online following.

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0:00 The Podcast Launch Process
1:05 1: Strategic Concept
4:04 2: Podcast Name
6:24 3: Podcast Microphones
9:19 4: Prep Episodes
10:50 5: Record Episodes
11:52 6: Podcast Editing
12:50 7: Create your RSS Feed
16:05 8: Launch your podcast!
18:26 Bonus Tip #1: Growth
19:47 Bonus Tip #2: Monetizing
20:19 Podcast Launch Accelerator

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1. Podcast artwork in Canva:

2. Shure MV7 vs. Blue Yeti:

3. Recording & editing in Descript:

4. Grow your podcast on Instagram:

5. 10 ways to earn money podcasting:

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