Ask Us Anything! - Note Investing 101

Ask Us Anything! - Note Investing 101

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May 1, 2021
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Ready for a speed round of note investing information?

On Tuesday, March 30th, 1:00 pm EST we are going to open the entire episode to your questions and it will all be done LIVE!

That’s right.

In addition to answering the most common questions, you can ask us anything about the note industry!

How you get paid?
Closing Deals?
Evaluating Deals?
What makes the best note website?
How to use your self-directed IRA to buy notes?

YOU name it in this 30 min free for all speed round!

See you online!

0:10 - Introduction: Frequently Asked Questions
0:40 - Disclaimer
1:35 - Where can I find a listing of creative financing terms and how they should be used?
2:52 - How big is the note business?
4:16 - You have money to invest vs if you don’t have money.
5:43 - How do you deal with the fair market value of the property knowing that seller-financed houses typically sell at the higher retail MLS listing price that changes your LTV?
7:50 - How do you explain discount?
9:49 - Do you see the notespace eventually becoming over-saturated like wholesaling?
13:12 - What do you typically want for a pay history on a newer originated seller-financed note?
14:12 - What tools do you use to calculate the best way to create a partial sale on a note that you hold?
15:46 - What is the difference between flipping a note and brokering a note and do you need a license in Florida?
17:05 - Should I have a website?
17:45 - Do you use any note evaluation software other than a calculator to reduce the time to do the note evaluation? What do you recommend?
18:28 - I thought I heard something about using these in an IRA?
21:08 - What is Note Investing Membership?
23:58 - When do you open the doors?
24:47 - Do you sell us deals?
28:56 - Difference between purchasing a previous training from membership.
30:34 - The doors are open! - www.NoteInvestor/Member
31:09 - What to do in your first 90 days?

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