Behind the Scenes / Member Orientation - Note Investing 101

Behind the Scenes / Member Orientation - Note Investing 101

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28 April, 2021
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Ready to peek behind the curtain and see why the Note Investing Tools membership - which only opens twice a year - is the hottest ticket in the note world?

On Tuesday, April 6th, 1:00 pm EST we are going to do a rare ‘walk-thru’ for new members.

Who is this session for?

Our guess is that you are one of two people...

1. You are already a new member. - The membership has hundreds of videos and downloads all geared to build your note business from the ground up. Where do you start? What turn-key tools can you implement today? This walk-through will show you everything.

2. You are on the fence about becoming a member. - Assuming you are reading this when the doors are open and there are spots available (again, that only happens twice a year) you are going to get a rare walk-through of the membership. You get to see, first hand, what only members have access to.

And, since this walk-through is LIVE, you can ask questions in real-time!

Even if you are not looking to join the membership - this will give you a great overview of what it takes to be a note investor - and what information you want access to - going forward.

See you online.

0:12 - Introduction: Walk-Thru for New Members
2:05 - The Library of Different Modules
6:55 - Note Investing Tools (The Main Hub)
16:55 - Member Webinars
18:50 - Note Mastermind
19:48 - Creating Notes Masterclass
20:47 - How To Calculate Cash Flows
21:34 - Finding Cash Flow Notes
22:35 - Flipping Notes
24:00 - Lead Funnels
25:29 - Directory of Note Buyers
25:35 - T-Value
25:59 - Cash Flow Expos
28:44 -

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#NoteInvesting​ #MortgageNotes​ #RealEstateInvesting

#NoteInvesting​ #MortgageNotes​ #RealEstateInvesting

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