Burnt Out Landlords - Real Estate Investing the Easy Way With Mortgage Notes

Burnt Out Landlords - Real Estate Investing the Easy Way With Mortgage Notes

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6 April, 2021
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Burnt Out Landlords - Real Estate Investing the Easy Way With Mortgage Notes

Today in Noteschool, Brian Lauchner and Eddie Speed talk about Burn-Out Landlord.

Eddie is the founder of Noteschool, a highly recognized training company, specialized in the teaching of buying both performing and non-performing discounted mortgage notes.

He has been in this business for almost 40 years and he has done over 40,000 thousand deals. He is “the Real Deal”

Today’s question: What is Burn-Out Landlord?

According to Eddie, the Burnt-Out Landlord drives the Noteschool business. If you're a real estate investor and you're not chasing the BOL market, then you are ignoring the biggest pain in real estate today.

“ If you’re a real estate investor and you’re trying to utilize any form of active financing and if you’re in Notespace and you’re using any form of private-passive capital. If you’re in either one of those categories and you’re not dealing with Burnt-Out Landlord then you are missing a huge part of the equation.” - Eddie Speed.

Watch this video to find out more.

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