English Podcast For Beginners || How To Share Your Opinions In English

English Podcast For Beginners || How To Share Your Opinions In English

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📌Which is the most common form of communication:
• Well, you might think it is SPEAKING, but it isn’t- it is LISTENING. From birth, listening plays a key role in developing language comprehension. Babies listen to words spoken by their parents before mimicking sounds and speaking their first words.
• LISTENING is, therefore, one of the major skills required to develop a complete understanding of the English language.
• In order to speak English, everyone needs to employ active listening skills. -Do you know the reason? It is because the skill of listening has a tremendous influence on learning any language.

✍️When learning a new language I recommend:
1) The learner can watch movies in the particular target language ✔
2) Listen to audio versions of their favorite book ✔
3) Watch videos online ✔
4) Listen to radio shows or podcasts and many more ✔

👉By listening and practicing English listening material, you'll develop your comprehension skills and improve your pronunciation. This will help you communicate more effectively in English and make more accurate sense of what you're hearing. So take this opportunity to practice your English listening skills and improve your communication skills today!
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Title: English Podcast For Beginners || How To Share Your Opinions In English
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