EWTS Tarot for beginners (3) #english #podcast #tarot #tarotspread #howto #2024reading #wisdom

EWTS Tarot for beginners (3) #english #podcast #tarot #tarotspread #howto #2024reading #wisdom

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Final part of Tarot for beginners. Ema demonstrates a simple tarot reading, from start to finish, including preparation, cleansing the deck, choosing a question and a spread, and interpretation. Ema also includes narration of what she experiences when using energy to pick the cards; and some helpful hints and tips for first-time Tarot readers.

*Please note - a slight error when Ema talks about some of the Minor Arcana cards - Princess and Prince are one option (as seen in the Druidcraft deck) but their equivalents which are more usually seen in Rider-Waite-Smith decks, are the Page (Princess) and Knight (for Prince). Thank you for your patience - this is what happens when both your main decks are non-traditional in format :-) *

The deck Ema uses is the Druidcraft Tarot:
by Philip Carr-Gomm, Stephanie Carr-Gomm and Will Worthington

00:00:00 Opening and Hello from Tanvir
00:00:19 Today's session introduction from Ema
00:00:50 The subject of the spread Ema will be demonstrating
00:01:32 How you frame/ask the question in Tarot
00:01:50 *Demonstration* Cleansing the deck
00:04:26 *Demonstration* Setting an intention with the deck, for the reading (using Reiki) - Ema's own personal practice ritual (you can use whatever you feel intuitively you'd like to do)
00:05:36 Shuffling the deck
00:06:16 Explanation around common misconceptions around reversed cards having a negative meaning
00:07:02 Perspective: deciding whether or not to use "reversed cards" or whether to interpret using all cards as upright - whether it's OK to change your mind about reading reversed cards, during a reading
00:07:46 Why the left hand is traditionally used to draw the cards for a Tarot spread
00:08:08 Suggestion: what to think about/focus your energy on, whilst you're shuffling the deck
00:08:52 *Reminder* a Tarot reading about the future is about what might be - free will means that we can change some aspects, through our actions.
00:10:03 *Demonstration* cutting the deck
00:10:34 Perspective - how shuffling can affect the deck, energetically, as well as bringing in the aspect of how the universe is flowing at the time of shuffling
00:11:03 *Demonstration* Reiki technique for selecting the cards
00:11:45 *Demonstration & talk-through* scanning and picking the cards
00:13:46 Card 1 - turn "The Past"
00:14:06 Summary - interpretation of the card, in relation to the year just past (the energy of the end of 2023)
00:16:37 Card 2 - turn "The Present" Energy at the very start of 2024
00:16:43 Summary - interpretation of card 2
00:18:36 *Perspective* Different approaches for giving a reading, for beginners
00:19:26 Card 3 - turn "The Future" - the year ahead - energy for the rest of 2024
00:19:35 Summary - interpretation of card 3
00:22:02 Additional insights on each of the cards from the deck's book
00:27:11 Tanvir's perspective on the reading - his take-home messages
00:27:55 Ema's perspective on the meaning of Card 3 for those viewers who are interested in developing themselves spiritually
00:28:45 Wrapping up & summary from Tanvir & Ema

Contact information for Ema Melanaphy :
YouTube: @ReikiEma "Whole Healing Wisdom"
Facebook : reikiema.therapy
Instagram: @reikiema @reikiema.academy.uk

Contact information of Tanvir Anowar (Holistic Home Healer):
YouTube: @TanvirAnowar
Facebook: HolisticHomeHealer

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By: Whole Healing Wisdom
Title: EWTS Tarot for beginners (3) #english #podcast #tarot #tarotspread #howto #2024reading #wisdom
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