Marketing For Notes - Note Investing 101

Marketing For Notes - Note Investing 101

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May 1, 2021
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Wondering how to find real estate notes?

In this session we take marketing head-on by covering (and grading) the five most common methods for attracting notes:

Direct Mail
Online / Internet Marketing
Referral Marketing / Networking / MeetUps
Creating Your Own Notes

We’ll also cover an often overlooked technique we call REVERSE Ad Marketing.

This is a great strategy for a smaller marketing budget or for anyone wanting to take action immediately.

Which note marketing method has the ‘best bang for the buck?”

Join us Tuesday, March 23rd to start "Marketing for Notes"…and bring your questions as the session is LIVE!

Discovering Notes - Note Investing 101 -
Profiting From Notes - Note Investing 101 -

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0:08 - Introduction: Marketing For Notes
0:41 - Disclaimer
1:37 -
2:13 - Main Area or Sources of Deals
2:43 - Top Five Ways To Find Notes
2:55 - Direct Mail
9:41 - Ads
13:15 - Online/ Internet Marketing
18:46 - Referral Marketing/ Networking/ Meet-Ups
22:48 - Do you use SEO for your website?
24:23 - How would you rate Online Networking? Do you find that effective as well?
25:05 - Where is the best place to buy a list of note sellers and what criteria do you use?
26:54 - Creating Notes
28:46 - Reverse Ad Marketing
32:12 - Sites for Buying Notes
32:46 - - Best of 2020

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