Profiting From Notes - Note Investing 101

Profiting From Notes - Note Investing 101

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May 1, 2021
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In this episode of Note Investing 101, we will be breaking down the numbers.

How to “flip” a note using none of your own money.

Our favorite ‘retirement’ strategies using notes.

The difference between buying a full vs a partial - and why it matters.

What are the best ways to own notes?

Why YOU get to decide what you will pay for a deal.

And much more.

0:11 - Introduction: Show Me the Money!
2:20 - How do we Profit with Notes?
2:24 - 4 Profit Strategies
4:01 - Flipping Notes
8:59 - Purchasing Notes
12:05 - Partial Participation
20:26 - What was the return for this investor?
22:45 -
23:18 - Creating Notes
26:37 - So the 2K that you put in, where again did you get that to use on this deal?
27:57 - Is it a good idea to price a note only on the UPB unpaid balance?
29:23 - How do you determine the discount pricing?
31:31 - Where are the best places to find buyers and sellers of notes?
31:41 - Next Episode: Marketing For Notes
32:55 -

About Fred & Tracy:

Our goal is to separate the myths from reality when it comes to seller financing and investing in private mortgage notes.

There are simple truths surrounding owner-financed notes that should be revealed.

Too many people leave money on the table through lack of knowledge. Worse yet, others prey on their lack of information.

Whether a note seller, buyer, broker, investor, real estate agent, or cash flow consultant, we can all benefit from the knowledge and straightforward answers.

The note or paper business is a legitimate industry that many people use to liquidate what may be their most valued asset.

It has been providing my full-time income since 1988 and Fred Rewey, the co-founder, has been at it for over 25 years.

In fact, we Tracy met through the note business, became business partners, and married in 1997.

It has provided them a good life and financial independence for their family.

What is the best way to handle a seller-financed transaction?
Where do you go for the best price?

How do you find qualified professionals and avoid the less than reputable?
How can you make money in the note business?

We will answer these questions drawing from our 50 years of combined experience, sometimes gained through the school of hard knocks.

We have bought and sold our own properties using seller financing rather than bank loans.

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