Taking Your Note Business Online - Note Investing 101

Taking Your Note Business Online - Note Investing 101

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28 April, 2021
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What does it take to have a thriving note business online?

In this session, we are going to walk you through the ‘must haves’ when it comes to creating a robust online presence and lead funnel. We will be covering…

Do I need a dedicated website?
What should my website say?
Should my site attract note sellers, referrals, or investors?
Do I have to be on social media?
How can I automate this to work when I am away?
How do I get potential note sellers to contact me?

Join us Tuesday, April 20th at 1:00 pm EST for “Taking Your Note Business Online”…and bring your questions as this session is LIVE!

0:10 - Introduction: Taking Your Note Business Online
1:25 - Disclaimer
1:51 - Benefits of Notes In IRAs
1:43 - Marketing your note business online.
1:57 - Do I need a website? What is the purpose of a website (related to notes)?
4:45 - What platform should my website be on?
6:30 - What about ‘free’ sites?
8:52 - What should my website contain?
10:01 - How much does it cost?
12:06 - How do I get visitors to my website?
14:17 - If you add a squeeze page, how do you collect the data?
16:26 - https://www.NoteBuyerSites.com - a walk-thru of a note website
23:28 - https://www.NoteInvestor.com
23:54 - https://www.NoteInvestor.com/101
28:51- Next week’s topic: Top Questions You Should Ask Before Buying or Investing In A Note

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