Buying Lucrative Performing Notes The Note School Way

Buying Lucrative Performing Notes The Note School Way

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10 April, 2021
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Can you buy a note as easy as buying a new case for your phone?

This question will be answered in this episode of Noteschool with Joe Varnadore and his special guest, Dave Storton.

Dave is a retired police detective and he was the commander of the financial crimes unit. Before he went to Noteschol, Dave did a lot of things such as teaching special driving courses that included off-road driving and search and rescue personnel, fire department, and some civilian classes as well.

For Dave, he entered the world of Noteschool because he was looking for something that will help him continue building wealth for himself and his family. Coincidentally, he lives in an area where there are a lot of private investors who want to become passive earners.

His peer group is retired law enforcement who are also involved in the real estate business. They have cash on hand that they want to invest but at the same time, they don’t want to undergo the ups and downs of the stock market. They are at the time of their lives where they just want to experience a stable cash flow. And Dave was able to offer this stable cash flow to them.

In this episode, Dave is going to talk about the deal that he made where he used only private investor money.

Watch this episode and learn from Dave how easy it is to buy performing notes and be successful with them the Noteschool way.

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