Flipping Notes for Stable Cashflow

Flipping Notes for Stable Cashflow

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28 April, 2021
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What is better, to flip a house for $5000 or to use creative financing and make over $200K?

This question will be answered in today’s episode of Noteschool with Eddie Speed, Brian Lauchner, and Joe Varnadore, with their special guest, Jay Redding.

They will discuss an incredible case study with their student. A story that you could probably relate to.

Jay is a seasoned real estate investor. He is from Fort Wayne Indiana.

Together with his son-in-law, they have 45 rentals and they are doing three to five retail flips per year. They also buy tax liens and they plan to incorporate seller financing as a long-term game in real estate.

In this particular deal, they purchased a property using their own capital amounting to $37,000 plus $70,000 rehab. They decided to land at a selling price of $129,900.

Now, their total profit for this particular deal is $206,000 (less $9K).

How did they do it? What strategies did they use to come up with a buyer and gain this profit?

Watch this video, listen to this powerful group to find out.

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