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10 April, 2021
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Martha grew up in the Note Business, learned how to be a “go-giver” from her Dad and how to build Legacy Generational Wealth for her family.

Watch this video and learn how Martha started with very little money in a Self-Directed IRA and built it up one step at a time.

Martha provides access to inventory for individual investors seeking the Safe & Secure, wealth-building benefits of adding performing real estate notes to their investment portfolios.

She works with passive investors helping them to diversify their portfolios and deploy idle capital.
Many of her investors are moving from active investments, such as rental properties, to a more passive investment still providing secured monthly cash flow.

Today, Martha is capitalizing on the enormous opportunity of buying performing Real Estate secured notes for self-directed retirement accounts. In fact, she calls it one of the best investment vehicles in Real Estate.

Structuring note transactions for the passive investor to buy the front-end cash flow allows investors to build a solid monthly cash flow for their retirement accounts, creating generational wealth passively, without the hassles and risks of dealing with tenants and the rising cost of repairs.

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