Richard Thornton - NoteSchool TV

Richard Thornton - NoteSchool TV

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10 April, 2021
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Richard Thorton shares how NoteSchool opened new doors to financial freedom for him and his family.

For many years Richard owned a Commercial Mortgage Company originating $2 Billion in Commercial Real Estate Loans.

He then moved into investing in large Senior Living Facilities and was a Hard Money Lender in the Bay Area.

Four years ago he discovered NoteSchool and the Note Business and has never looked back.

He is a master at raising Burnt Out Landlord Capital which he uses to buy notes and then sell “partials”.

He is building his “Private Bank” one deal at a time.

Learn how Richard finds his Investors - aka “Burnt Out Landlords”

Understand How He Manages His Investors Expectations.

What Does Richard Really “Say” When He’s Going Through the “Talk Off”.

Hear Richard Talk About How He Re-Capitalizes His Bank to Continue Building Long Term Wealth (Capital Recoupment Plan).

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