The Most Important Real Estate Skill There Is - Eddie Speed

The Most Important Real Estate Skill There Is - Eddie Speed

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10 April, 2021
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Join Eddie this coming Wednesday, March 31st at 11:05 am CT as he shares with you the facts no one else wants to talk about.

The present economic environment is very different from what the News tells you.

Can you make solid decisions with poor or even wrong data? No!

And a lot of people are in very precarious positions now.

The U.S. real estate data is in.
It’s not good… that is kind of a shock. Unless you’ve been listening to us for the past year.

The News is saying: “Who could have predicted THIS??”

This again confirms my belief that one of the most valuable skills anyone still in the real estate business can have is the ability to research their own data and not depend on the mass broadcast of ‘expert opinions’ from non-experts.

0:01 - Teaser: “ The News That You Can Only Find Here – Note Industry Update with Eddie Speed”
0:19 - Introduction
1:45 - Latest News
2:34 - Report: Houses In Austin Selling For More Over Asking Price Than Any Major U.S City.
3:41 - Most Expensive House For Sale In The U.S.
5:43 - Note Industry Update with Eddie Speed
6:14 - Total Existing Home Sales
7:13 - Median Price of Existing Home Sales
8:28 - Existing Home Sales Median Price, Percent Change Year Over Year
11:03 - Realtors Confidence Index Survey
12:33 - Where to get a copy of Note Industry Update- March 31: [email protected]
13:15 - Existing Home Sales By Region
13:41 - Sales By Price Range
15:00 - Percent Change In Sales From A Year Ago By Price Range
16:16 - U.S. Home Flipping Profit & Returns
18:13 - Interesting Data Fact
19:01 - Biden Administration Announces Extension of Foreclosure Moratoriums and Forbearance Options
21:28 - CDC will Extend National Eviction Ban Through June 30
22:29 - Mortgage Distress Levels
25:29 - The Big Difference Fair and Good Credit
25:55 - Where a $1 of Rent Goes
27:21 - What’s Wrong With This Picture?
27:58 - Sales Price Estimates For Owned Homes
29:15 - Economic Impact
29:46 - Here’s What We Know
30:20 - What’s A Person To Do?
30:33 - What These All Mean?
35:25 - Feeding Frenzy Friday
36:07 - Next week’s guest: Bob Bullinger will talk about “Partials”
37:55 - After-Party
38:01 - Targeting Burnt Out Landlord
40:23 - What Are Some Ways Investors Can Help Give Solutions To Landlords?
42:30 - Where to get a copy of Note Industry Update - March 31: [email protected]

Landlords are burning out. Tenants are behind on rent payments. Toilets are backing up.

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