The Secret to Building Legacy Wealth With Notes! With Martha and Eddie Speed

The Secret to Building Legacy Wealth With Notes! With Martha and Eddie Speed

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9 April, 2021
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Join us LIVE! this Wednesday at 11:05 AM CST.

On today’s show, we have a special guest, Martha Speed.

Martha grew up in the Note Business, learned how to be a “go-giver” from her Dad and how to build Legacy Generational Wealth for her family.

Watch this video and learn how Martha started with very little money in a Self-Directed IRA and built it up one step at a time.

Understand how she finds her “Burnt Out Landlord” Investors.

Hear Martha talk about how she makes her investors feel totally comfortable investing with her.

And listen to her talk about selling a piece of a note (partial) to recoup your initial investment and then do it all over again.

0:01 - Teaser: “Do you want to knowhow to make true legacy wealth with notes?”
0:16 - Introduction
1:35 - Latest News
1:55 - Fannie Mae Getting Stricter with Investment Property Loans
3:15 - CNBC news
5:16 - Today’s special guest: Martha Speed
5:40 - Eddie’s opinion on the market today
6:08 - Martha Speed’s story in Note Business
10:03 - Building a Legacy with Notes
12:15 - Legacy of Martha’s Dad
15:00 - Leveraging Strategy in using Notes
18:25 - How Martha finds investors.
21:44 - Concept of partial model
25:17 - Understanding Creative Strategies
26:40 - What does building legacy with notes means to your family?
31:33 - Next week’s guest: Richard Thorpe
31:48 - Feeding Frenzy Friday
33:55 - After-Party
34:05 - How can I differentiate my wealth from my income?
37:10 - What tool do you use to plan and keep track of your notes?
41:30 - When you broker notes for cash today, do you use your personal name or an LLC for the transaction?
42:19 - How to protect notes and RE from Wealth taxes?

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