What's Possible With Notes? Plus an Incredible Real Estate Investing Case Study!

What's Possible With Notes? Plus an Incredible Real Estate Investing Case Study!

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28 April, 2021
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We have a special guest, Marishka Pilch to talk about how her latest note investment performed better than she could ever imagine!

Plus, we go into the possibilities of Note investing and Creative Financing to uncover some ‘secrets’ of real estate that the banks don’t want you to know.

Successful real estate investors live in very nice homes and can pull in a million or two in take-home pay. Kenneth D. Lewis Chairman and CEO of Bank of America makes $24.8 million a year.

New York Mellon Bank‘s Robert P. Kelly, Chief Executive Officer makes $20.1 million, while his sidekick, Thomas A. Renyi, Executive Chairman, pulls in $22.2 million!

And you can guess how hard they work!

So what do the banks know that most Americans don’t? You’ll start discovering the answer to that question on Wednesday’s live broadcast.

We say it’s better to be the bank and not deal with messy rehabs, crazy tenants, and stinky toilets!

Landlords are burning out. Tenants are behind on rent payments. Toilets are backing up.

Is there an alternative?

Uncover Why Savvy Investors Use Proven Mortgage Note Strategies for Massive Monthly Profits In Today’s Ever-Changing Market… Risk-Free!

Discover more about Note School and profiting without Tenants, Toilets and by taking our FREE one day class:

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