How to Start a Podcast in 2024 [BEGINNERS GUIDE]

How to Start a Podcast in 2024 [BEGINNERS GUIDE]

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Looking for a beginner's guide on how to start a podcast in 2024?! Look no further. In this video, Veronica from the Pod Sound School shows you how to create a podcast from start to finish.

She walks you through five easy steps: choosing a podcast hosting platform, picking a podcast name, writing a podcast description, designing a podcast cover, and creating episodes.

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00:00 Introduction to Podcasting
00:40 Meet Veronica
01:11 Five Easy Steps to Launch Your Podcast
01:31 Choosing a Podcast Hosting Platform
02:20 Choosing Your Podcast Name
04:09 Writing Your Podcast Description
06:48 Designing Your Podcast Cover Art
07:36 Creating Your Podcast Episodes
08:44 Recording Equipment and Software
10:45 Recording Your First Episode
11:15 Publishing Your Podcast
12:14 Exploring Video Podcasting

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Title: How to Start a Podcast in 2024 [BEGINNERS GUIDE]
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