Non-Residential Seller Financing, Is It Possible?

Non-Residential Seller Financing, Is It Possible?

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2 March, 2021
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Is $229,920 ($958 month x 240 months) net profit possible on a $30,000 investment?

Meet Ben Legg - Lynchburg, VA - NoteSchool Member for over 12 months.

Ben specializes in a segment of the note business that is close to Eddie’s heart - Buying a large tract of land with creative financing and then breaking the land up into smaller parcels and reselling with seller financing.

Huge profits and no one is doing it as he does.

0:01 - Teaser
0:22 - Intro
1:24 - Breaking News
1:47 - Foreclosure Ban Extension News
3:10 - Lumber Prices-News
4:06 - Eddie and Joe discuss the news
6:38 - Today’s guests: Ben Legg & Greg Philipps
10:13 - Land Deal With Over $100K Profit
26:43 - Feeding Frenzy Friday
28:44 - Preview of next week’s guest: Dr. David Phelps
30:15 - After-Party

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